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Innov8 Legal is a platform aimed to foster the development of a diverse and vibrant community, where legal innovators can come together to share thoughts, experiences and best practices and collaborate on creating innovative solutions to legal challenges through leveraging technology and innovative methods for legal service delivery ultimately to change the legal industry for the better.

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‘Change has never happened this fast before and will never happen this slowly again’ – this powerful message is even more relevant today when organizations must react quickly, as the pace of change has only sped up and continues to accelerate and innovation has become essential for business continuity.

The global legal industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Innovation is gradually starting to penetrate the legal market, and legaltech is a major part of this transformation. Much like any profession or industry, lawyers, law firms, and the legal profession as a whole must evolve to meet their client’s needs. After all, as John F. Kennedy stated, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."

With Innov8 Legal’s core values as Innovation, Creativity & Disruption, and Technology Orientation, hosting Innov8 Legal Hackathon – the Israeli chapter of the Global Legal Hackathon 2022 – is a testament to our continued commitment to bringing innovation into the legal industry.

Esther Dediashvili

Esther Dediashvili, Adv.

Founder of Innov8 Legal
Founder and Organizer of Innov8 Legal Hackathon – 
the Israeli Chapter of the Global Legal Hackathon
Israel’s Leading Legal Technology Expert

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Adv. Esther Dediashvili, Founder of Innov8 Legal, initiated, organized and hosted the Global Legal Hackathon's Israeli chapter since its inception in 2018 and served as a judge on the main judges' panel in the first and second rounds of #GLH2018 - #GLH2020. Under Esther's leadership the Israeli chapter of the Global Legal Hackathon has become the main legal innovation initiative in Israel. 

As a leading legal technology professional in Israel Adv. Esther Dediashvili has been selected to serve as a judge on the final Global Judging Panel at the Global Legal Hackathon 2018 and 2019 Finals in New York and the 2020 Virtual Finals, alongside world-renowned legal and technology experts, and represented Israel in this remarkable global legal innovation event.

Adv. Esther Dediashvili is an experienced attorney and legal technology and legal knowledge management expert. She serves as Director of Solution Architecture at LawGeex, a leading force in legal innovation revolutionizing the legal world through its award-winning AI-powered Contract Review Automation (CRA) platform, helping lawyers focus on high-impact work. Prior to this, Esther served as Head of Innovation and Legal Technology Implementation and the first Legal Knowledge Manager at Israel's leading law firms.

Esther has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of innovation and technology implementation, organizational knowledge and change management processes in the legal sector, covering content, people, process, and technology strategic direction to deliver greater value, focusing on quality, consistency, and efficiency, and she possess an in-depth knowledge of the legal industry as well as of the legaltech start-up ecosystem, with over 10 years' experience as a corporate and securities attorney in Israel's leading law firms.

Esther is a passionate advocate for the immense positive impact that the integration of the law, technology, innovation and knowledge management can generate to enhance legal service delivery, and has actively contributed to raising awareness to the Israeli innovation and legaltech ecosystem as a frequent writer and speaker in various Israeli and international publications and venues.

Esther has advised and mentored teams and start-ups in the legaltech space from all around the world, including Singapore, Australia, Poland, Germany, United States and Israel, and assisted them on their path to changing the global legal industry for the better. 

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